Welcome to Empower Administrative Services

eMpower Administrative Services offers clients a wide range of customised administrative and information technology services, exceptional customer service and flexible options that are sure to meet and exceed each individual client expectation.

eMpower offers its clients the services of elite professionals selected because of their wide knowledge base, extensive experience and high calibre of professionalism. Poised to revolutionise, transform and redefine the administrative service sector of Trinidad and Tobago. eMpower is a client centred organisation with quality permeating through every aspect of our organisations operations and with emphasis on detail, eMpower is result oriented to give our clients nothing less than excellence.

While eMpower offers general services such as word processing, it is our unique services such as Trade Facilitation between Local and Latin American Companies and our business development services that sets us apart from other administrative service providers, making us a one stop, multi-dimensional administrative service provider, capable of handling all your basic and sophisticated administrative needs.

Choose eMpower because……

eMpower guarantees you confidentiality – Your business is our best kept secret. We will get your work done with the highest quality of professionalism while safeguarding your confidential information. Think of eMpower as the wind beneath your wings. We do all the work and you get all the credit. According to Edward Bulwer – Lytton, “The pen is mightier than the sword” so just think of the amazing pen you’ll have with eMpower as your ink. The best of both worlds is now available to you.


eMpower saves you time – No matter what type of business you do, administration is the glue that holds your business together. Whether it’s a document to be typed, a power point presentation to prepare, handout or brochure to create, weekly progress report or an annual report we handle it all. Even if it’s a simple staff letter of Union correspondence, we do it, so you can focus on the specialised area of your business.

eMpower saves you money – Using eMpower services, gets your work done without the worry and hassle of employee responsibilities. You pay for Only what you need. You can have employees at your disposal without all the strings attached. Timely, Professional and affordable work at your fingertips without unnecessary expenses like remuneration packages, gratuity, and expensive office equipment. High employee turn over does not impact your organisation and the reoccurring cycle of having to retain and train staff and wait for the natural progression of the learning curve does not affect the productivity of your organisation. Employee absenteeism and tardiness do not affect the running of your organisation. Sounds unrealistic! But with eMpower, such a world awaits you so call or click today.

eMpower offers Convenience – From idea to implementation we handle it all. We will deliver to your specifications, when and where you need it and in your required format.

Stress and hassle free, eMpower gives you Peace of Mind – Don’t run around aimlessly because if we can’t handle it we’ll find someone who can and get the job done. No effort, stress or hassle required on your part! Don’t worry about a thing.